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Kira Kane
Kira's mom sent her to her friends since she was fucking up in school. Her mommy had no idea the couple she sent her daughter to were a couple of horny swingers.
Couple Seduces Teenager: Alexia
For her husbands birthday, this wife decided to get her husband a teenage girl to have a threesome with. He had his wife jerk him off so he could cum on her face.
Alanah Rae
Alanah was a newcomer and this couple wanted to bring her in and welcome her to the neighborhood. But in this block, all the naughty neighbors fuck each other.
She was nervous about this new couple she met because they both gave her weird looks. It turns out that the wife is a closet lesbian and the husband is a swinging freak.
Teen girls are tricked into having a threesome with 2 girls and 1 lucky guy
This shy sweet girl had no idea what she was in for when she was introduced to the new couple on the block. This couple loves seducing young teenager girls.
Barbie Love
Coming from Huntington Beach, CA. this blonde bombshell had only been with 2 guys before her encounter with the master seduction artists who trick girls into sex daily.
 "My roommate's using the dryer so I had to go to the Laundromat." Ethan: "What would you say to giving me a blowjob for your audition tape?" "What about your wife?"
Couple Seducing Sindee
"You were supposed to be here this afternoon now it's almost five," said Joe. "We can't pay you for painting now." "I know what you can do for us, you can suck my husband's cock!"
The husband is a lucky man, having his sexy wife bring home hot teenagers
Couples Seduce Teens Jordana
Jordana: "I heard that you're looking for a nanny?". Joe: "You look so hot, let us interview you now. Jordana: "Cool, my parents are away!"
"It just started stalling and going slow." "I'm surprised nobody wanted to help a cute girl like you. You should've flashed your tits.
Couples Seduce Teens Sanaei
Husband: "That dog cost $8,000! You don't have that kind of cash! " Wife: "Not to mention that we had plans for this afternoon, fucking like crazy!"
Couples Seduce Teen: Sammie
"You don't have a BF?" asked Michelle. "How long has it been since you've fucked?" "It's been a couple of months," said Sammie.
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Chavon Taylor
"There's no way to replace what you broke," said Veronica. "I think we're going to have to tell your boss. There's nothing else we can do, unless you can take care of some of our other needs, know what I mean?"
"I went online looking for someone who'd let me stay with them and check out the campus," said Mindy. "The other couples that I met were weird, I thought they were trying to hit on me!"
"I've never heard anyone break up with a boyfriend like that," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman before?" Christina: "I guess I've thought about it. But my parents would kill me if they ever found out!"
Couples Seduce Teens - Tiffany
"Can you believe it? I'm her boss," said Veronica. "Are you thinking about moving up in the company? You know, I can't say I got where I am by working hard!" Tiffany: "I'll do whatever it takes to get that raise!"
Scared and shy teenagers are convinced to be in a threesome with these couples
Mandy Luxx
"I bet you'd do anything to go on that Europe trip," said Joe. "Pretty much anything!" said Katie. Veronica chimed in: "Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple. We can come up with a way to make your trip happen!"
"You're only nineteen," said Lexi. "That's not old enough to have a serious relationship! There's still plenty of time to try new things. Have you ever kissed a girl? Women know what other women want, give it a shot!"
"Have you ever kissed another girl?" asked Michelle. "Doesn't everyone try that in college?" Lucy: "It's only my first semester!" Michelle: "It'd be hot if you stick around for a while and watch us fuck!"
"I need about a thousand bucks," said Julie. "Well, we can't really use the stuff you're selling," said Michelle. "We'd like to help you out. How about $50? Maybe we'll give you more if you're willing."
After this couple seduces the teen girl, it's going to be 2 chicks and just 1 cock
"She has really nice boobs!" said Lauren. "Why don't you see how mine feel!" Brandie took a handful. "Let's see what they look like under your clothing!" "I've never done this with a couple before," said Brandie."
"Our schedule is hectic," said Joe, "so we need to know if you can handle what it demands." "Are you two, like always making out?" asked Kinzy. "Oh yeah," said Joe. "We can't get enough of each other. And other girls."
Allison Angel
"I've never talked to anyone about this stuff!" said Allison. But Lexi wanted more: "We've got to get you experimenting with girls! Women know what women like. Let's see if it feels any different!"
Back at the house, Lauren suggested baking cookies: "I've heard chocolate's an aphrodisiac! Have you ever thought of sex with another woman?" "I'm from a small town!" cried Ginger. "Stuff like that would get around!"
The husband experiences his favorite fantasy, two women at the same time
Couples Seduce Teen Girl: Vanessa
"You've got to get comfortable around other women if you're going to make it in the modeling industry!" said Lexi. "Have you ever had a threesome?" Mandy: "No. I don't know. I'm a little scared!" Lexi: "It's the perfect opportunity!"
Kortni Kiss
Emily: "I'd love some one-on-one tutoring. But why are you asking me about sex?" "Everyone is more open and easygoing around here, that's all," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman? I didn't find out I was bisexual until I was older."
"I've only worked here a few weeks," said Aubrey, "but I'd love to help fix your tanning bed!" At home, she modeled her bikini for us. Then Lexi dropped her towel. "Would you be more comfortable if I were naked too?" Then the fun began!
"I've never been in a situation like this before," said Hailey. Frank assured her: "It's totally normal! We want to show you how fun it is!" Wife Lauren chimed in: "Oh, she's blushing! We'll have to teach her a few things." This is Hailey Young nude.
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